Sunday, November 27, 2011

Grab your pumps because it's time for the Glamour Awards 2011!

One of my favorite days of the year arrives: THE GLAMOROUS GLAMOUR AWARDS! A day when the women who have plastered teen girls' walls everywhere personally shout out their advice to the next generation of girls sitting at Carnegie Hall!
Cindi Leive states, "a woman of the year helps other women next year to make it."
"A woman visualizes her have to see it to be it. You don't have to be a president or princess to make a change."
Jessica Alba

Tory Burch states, "when you put on color you can elevate yourself to elevate the world.
"Woman are our best investment!"
Barbara Walters

Arianna Huffington states that "if you have no failures, you haven't done anything in life. Sleep your way to the top, because you'll need the rest to achieve your dreams. My thoughts are on my failures not my successes. Please never hesitate to follow your dreams because you're afraid of failure. My mother taught me that failure is not the opposite of success, but it is a stepping stone to success. There are many helpful animals like in Disney movies disguised as humans trying to help you. Tonight happened because a man wouldn't marry me. The things that go wrong will lead to the things going right!"
Anita Hill

Gloria Steinem states that "men should be saying 'we can do anything women can do.' We're like those Russian Dolls, the nine year old is still in us. Life brings you surprises after your 20s...40s...60s... and 71 but life is STILL one big surprise! You can prepare but you can't plan whatever you want instead build it into your day."
Lea Michele states "so many people told me no, and it's funny what happens when you don't listen to them. Use your voice in positive ways-stand for something or fall for everything."

Facebook Girl Esraa Abedel Fattah states, "this award doesn't represent me, but all the Egyptians after a long dictatorship. I believe in women, especially in Egyptian woman. I will see in my future a woman leader for my country."
Michael Bloomberg
Debbie Harry and Theophilus London perform!
Emma Stone

Withelma 'T' Ortiz-Macey states, "200,000 girls are in sex slavery from ages 12-14. I am only one voice, while we speak people are being trafficked. Be a voice for those that don't have one. Don't let anyone prevent your life from shinning!"
Mrs. Bush states, "for many glamour isn't about how to do your hair or makeup, but how to survive-so I thank Glamour Awards for standing out and having these awards."
Jennifer Aniston states "I appeared on Chelsea Handler because I didn't want her to talk crap about me...I'm madly in love with her!"
Chelsea Handler states, "you can do what the f*** you want to do, but you just have to go f*****g do it! I love being a friend and sister and surprisingly women because I know I'll be there for another!"

Diane Sawyer
Gabrielle Giffords' husband gave her a ring that read 'you are the closest I've been to heaven." He states at the Glamour Awards that he sees 'the woman of the year in her everyday.'
Donatella Versace

Jennifer Lopez states, "my mother taught me my work ethic, and my daughter inspires me to be a better human being."

Hippies on even the most Glamorous of nights!

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