Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Crazy Glue anyone?!

(YELLOW) ----> Marc Jacobs outstanding design was one that I had never seen thought of before, but the type of satisfying shock.

(RED) ----> When you think of uncomfortable shoes whats the first pair you can reminiscent on.... I'm sure your Prada or Dior, but even look upon John Galiano? Sure uncomfortable might be quite intimidating trying to lace up these 5 inch-ers, but true artists purely go a mile out of the norm. Worn by models in Mr. Galiano's Paris Collection, looks to be as if another heel had been crazy glued onto the end of the first. And some might question if this is even stable enough. Sure- they're size is severe but nothing compared to the first outburst of platform type high, rather a more 21 century feel.


When I look at the dimensional diversity of the repetitive feathers, how can you not unquestionable wonder how these feathers were even made. A modern taste of whimsical express with a hint of Haute Couture magic, this Traver Rain, and Richi Rich design can possibly never compare to anything but superb craftsman's ship.