Monday, April 26, 2010

im rather ashamed of our images of "perfection"
betseyjohnson Barbie designed by Betsey Johnson

alexisbittar barbie designed by Alexis Bittar
it's great the way designers are stepping out of their field of humans into the plastic world, but maybe they don't realize that this move could frantically hurt the self image girls have even more desperately.

 i bet this never crossed your mind that the barbie sleeping in your storage was once a sex symbol.
girls in china day today are working all day long labors just to create her body.
girls are starving to be like her.
girls are getting operations to become her.
girls wish they had blond hair and blue eyes.
girls are influenced everyday by her...  & perhaps its time we stop this.
why isn't her body structure sculpted with curves. her body is so out of proportion that she wouldn't be able to survive as an actual women, or get her period or give birth. 
we have made barbie to destroy all means of normality.

Instead of spending consuming time to put fabric on a barbie, add a brand name, and earn an expensive profit, why don't we ban child labor in 3rd world countries, and make barbie a doll that could actually function as a woman.


Fairytale Fashion Show 2010 by Diana Eng

As an intern for Diana Eng of Project Runway, I closely helped Diana accomplish her Spring Fashion Show held at Eye Beam Studios down at Chelsea Piers. Her fashion show below is one you've never seen. Diana is all about experimenting with technology and uses LED lights in her designs. I run her Facebook site (search :fairytale fashion), and well as take part in her website with her weekly updated videos at

Can you believe this- an inflatable dress. how cool is that! imagine it was full of helium and you could fly. imagine in the middle of class you press the RED button- HEY WAIT! didn't Dexter tell you not to press it?!  but after all you are Didi and you press it anyway and you blast through the ceiling and somehow you don't end up breaking all your bones. yeah this is exactly what it makes me feel like.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

No way - I made it on the website - SPEECHLESS!


"Fire Up Your Look With A Stroke Of Red!"

 I had gotten photographed for a website by the name of which is a website that focuses on all the latest trends.

That photo was take while walking to the tents back in Feb.  
TIME FLYS LIKE A FLY! doesn't it?!

           I'LL MISS THOSE TENTS IN BRYANT PARK, my dear beloved Bryant Park!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Trias Fall 2010 (All photos are taken by me)

Joaquin Trias Backstage

Isaac Mizrahi Fall 2010

"Upper East Sider's Camping Trip" yes... really I do see the connection.

Okay just how gorgeous of a winter fairytale?!
Told you that last look was worth it!
One more time I promise