Sunday, February 16, 2014

Learning from Tyra Banks :)

What is like to be mentored by TYRA BANKS?!
Wise Tyra Banks has an innate nature when it comes to teaching and does so effortlessly and naturally! Sure when I first met her, she was the TYRA that I watched on America's Next Top Model, and The Tyra Show, but now that we're aquainted with each other, she's Tyra, my pal :)
Through workshops that varied regarding the beauty standard, fashion throughout the ages, difficulties when it came to coming of age (and even had some lessons on how to take the BEST selfies ha!), we all had that in depth girl talk, bonded, and grew. It's a pleasure to be able to learn from her and her life experience!

We all read our speech on 'what we LOVE <3 about ourselves' and before Tyra sweetly gave me the gift of  a BEAUTIFUL necklace that said "Eye See My Beauty" she said to me "you're a strong leader and your story and your family's story is so unique and powerful, and you can do WHATEVER you wanna do in life <3 !!!"   

 My mom and I :)

My mom and Tyra :)

Thanks to Dove's commercials, we all took selfies and everyone put post-its by our photos of what they loved! FLAWSOME as they call-LOVING your flaws because they're AWESOMELY UNIQUE to you

Tyra's ZONE in which I'm SUPER excited to work in :D !!