Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pros & Cons for wearing makeup

Makeup is fun. End of Story. With one swipe of eyeshadow, and a hint of blush, you can bring more focus on the color of your eyes, and the great curves of your cheekbones!
Although it can be great to transform your look from rock star to glam, makeup can also REALLY hurt a girl's self confidence.

Putting it on, you see perfectionism in the mirror, and your mood is uplifted. However at night when you get home and the makeup remover is in your hand, you sadly realize that this fantasy "ideal" look is over. I see girls everyday come to school with a full face of makeup on, and I always wonder whether they do it because of insecurities of showing people the real them vs the ideal, or because they honestly love makeup.

The second option is perfectly fine, but as soon as you feel that you can't step out of the house without foundation on, you should know that makeup has become something negative for you.

Being a feminist for me I often questioned whether I should wear makeup or not, because it felt like I was supporting this standard that I argue against. It took a while for me to personally understand that I'm wearing it for me, not for anyone else.
We all have bad days where we aren't feeling our best and want to cover up due to our late night studying causing bags under our eyes, blemishes and breakouts.
If you feel slightly bad when you don't have make-up on, it's time to go cold turkey for your own benefit! Realize however minimalism is a great first step and is the closest you can get to a natural look. For example mascara and lip balm are my top picks for basic days! That way when you take it off, its not a drastic change to the point where you can't recognize yourself! If I can do it, so can you! Balance is key when it comes to makeup!
And if you can't take my word, perhaps find inspiration in Demi Lovato, who is constantly in the public eye in the glitz and glamour industry that aspects her to look her best at all times, however she is pledging to inspire and  encourage girls to not wear makeup, ALL THE TIME!
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demetria lovato @ddlovato
Ladies, be brave today.. take off your make-up and stop using those filters!! WE are beautiful!!! 💋❤😄
She says: "Looking through Twitter you see so many obviously pre-teens and teenage girls that don’t need that makeup at all if that, they don’t need any. Their painting their faces, and they have these filters on. I just remember If I could tell myself a couple of years ago, hey you don’t need that much makeup like take it off. I would love to go back in time and not wear that much. So I just wanted to show girls know you don’t have to do that to your face."

Me rocking NO MAKEUP BELOW! hollaaaa ;)

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