Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rachel Zoe (to be updated)

It's me I swear! This photo is definitly in need of some comedic relief wouldn't you say? haha!

Rachel Zoe's Husband, Roger Berman

Friday, August 19, 2011

Christofer Drew of NeverShoutNever @ Webster Hall!

Christofer Drew of NeverShoutNever sure did pass through 'time travel' when on stage his new sounds hypnotized the screaming teenage girls bobbing their heads to the beat.

His new album Time Travel focuses on his personal experience of reaching adulthood from adolescence, a phase where most are finding themselves. Although his band stroked new rhythms, Chris' humorous and down to earth attitude surely did not disappear. When he approached the end of his new album's songs, he sung his originals that consisted off of his first EPs while laughing off the lyrics that now seem to be 'corny' as he said giggling. 

Christofer Drew just like many of the Disney stars today gets constant pressure from his fans to have the same mindset and sing the same kind of songs from when he was 16 years old although he recently turned 20. Little does the audience notice that the artist has to grow and become his own person, and that's exactly what Drew is persisting with his new approaches to music.




NeverShoutNever's Guitarist

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Savagely Beautiful INDEED.

As the last day awaited the long line of people stretching out blocks, I arrive being one of the first fashionistas at the MET door. Through the pouring rain, my thoughts recall McQueen's fashion time line. The peaceful streets remain almost mesmerized by the exhibition-the silence politely giving rest to the designer.

Today I recognized that calling McQueen a ‘genius’ is an understatement. He really knew how to physically construct clothes. His attention to details was impressive. He is quoted as stating: “I made sure I knew how to construct a dress so that I knew how to deconstruct one.” His precise sewing and perfect hemlines were beyond remarkable. McQueen’s wanted to give women powerful look by creating a structured, somewhat severe, silhouette. He said that he wanted people to “be afraid of the woman that he dresses.” Savage Beauty embodied McQueen’s originality and depth of passion; the exhibit left me speechless. McQueen will be missed, but his legacy lives on with new ideas he brought to the fashion world and beyond.

My mom and I <3

Patrick & I :]

RIP Alexander McQueen, you will always be remembered.