Saturday, August 6, 2011

Concerts, Concerts, Concerts!

New York  City is the place TO BE for concerts. Whether you're feeling like jaming out to techno music, bopping your head to some rock, or even joining in on karaoke with your friends, there's no way to mess up!

I took my own advice that I wrote on my blog back in June to heart...& you should too!
"Just because its a majority doesn't make it right.
Most of the BEST music is underground. Turning off the radio, forgetting mainstream and a little research will teach you the true definition of music and the impact it can make. It's okay to forget commercial music and live in meaning instead of an audience."

Find your existence through words not beats this summer."
That's EXACTLY what I did.

I'm constantly hypnotized by the sky's beautiful radiant colors!

Your Youth Playing~!
With such a fragile, lovely, sultry voice, Twin Sisters plays!
How cute! Twin Sisters are animal lovers!

Now THIS was by far the BEST concert I have ever been too! Words cannot describe. DUBSTEP <3 !
If you're looking to actually dance this dubstep concert will bring you to satisfaction unquestionably. Jiving to the hit beats of  ZED'S DEAD lost you in the music as the crowd pressed down the beat with there hands. From afar it seems as if
  the whole audience was in synced to every intention of a rhythm.
We come there as one to dance of our problems, our insecurities. To physically release any weight of our shoulders and to realize life is to short too not dance.

This SUMMER has been the BEST summer out there for me! <3 :D It was remarkably LIFE CHANGING.

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