Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Justin Bond (ALL the photos are taken by me)

Fabulous Justin Bond, a contemporary pop mix with conceptual artistic lyrics. Mocking the 21st century with a rather open-minded view on life, Bond carries the microphone placed sturdy between his palms calmly and gracefully hitting each note as if it was a lower key then the last. Barney's surly brought popularity to it's store with Justin wearing a black, white ripped dress, over the shoulder fish net texture fabric, appealing light yarned black tights, and oversizing extreme bling covering his ears decked with crystal stars. Truly an unforgettable voice and outstanding performance.


Appearing inside Bergdorf Goodman on a surprise visit and shopping initiation, Coco Rocha, world renowned fashion model, gracefully depicted new featured shades for her diligently piercing hooded eyes. Surprisingly she happened to blend in, quite the contrary of her normal exclusiveness, one would not notice it was Ms. Rocha, until a qualified team of makeup artists came at hand to the desires wanted. She may look like an untouchable but speaking with a wide vivid vocabulary, she expressed her love for something other than a photographer's blank canvas to me - her passion of dancing, especially her most loved - Irish river dance. After the sun had set,DKNY
5th Ave. became overcrowded with fans wishing to glance through the crowd of heads to witness the performance with Coco as the lead dancing "the river dance," with speechless teens pressing closer, complimentary popcorn in hand. The night was young, but the restlessness of patience was well worth the wait. After all, you don't see a legendary model in front of you outside of a glossy magazine page, and yet alone dancing, who wouldn't you want to join?!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Forbidden love - do you think humans can ever pass a romantic first love movie? I'm positive certainly no one can resist a classic boy meets girl. But substantially this is no fiction fairly tale, instead based on a true story. Interpreting the legendary poet John Keats, falling madly in love with Abbie Cornish. City girl falls in love with country boy who guides her to misleading the rich and making Abbie suggest overall money doesn't buy happiness. It's pure amazement, the fact at which a human can become attracted and not let go to their complete opposite. Why has everyone at least one experience a consistency of love for there not so perfect partner - positively a movie everyone and anyone can relate too at any level about the mystery of love. Attraction destroys all circumstances at this wonderful uplifting tale of young love.
A special screening of the film, included me not only wanting to watch it again, yet getting the chance to meet the cast with Q & A at a chosen Manhattan movie theater. I was exuberant at the sight of Fanny Brawne and Ben Wishaw at the premiere with chemistry of set as well. This is by far a must see movie of the year! I am pondering about the next delightful casting these up and rising over talented actors will star in in the upcoming years.

Merce Cunnigham (ALL the photos are taken by me)

Dance. Tranquility satisfying the mind, no Webster vocabulary can distinguish. Shall a definition explain to one's self how moving freely at a liquid soft pace, and yet not contemplating your next movement. It simply CANNOT be planned but rather quite spontaneous. R.I.P. my dear Cunnigham. His footsteps will still continue to allure in an audience. Sadly after the death of this beloved master of dance a recital from Merce Cunnigham Dance Company, brought security of Merce's unique modern dance to stay, coming for a beautiful performance at the Hudson River. Dressed in tight leotards dancing softly on the toes of the wounds from point. But this is no ballet, certainly not. The process of this gentle suit shows a silhouette imagery of a person's muscles reaching beyond limits just to dance as a passion.