Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Forbidden love - do you think humans can ever pass a romantic first love movie? I'm positive certainly no one can resist a classic boy meets girl. But substantially this is no fiction fairly tale, instead based on a true story. Interpreting the legendary poet John Keats, falling madly in love with Abbie Cornish. City girl falls in love with country boy who guides her to misleading the rich and making Abbie suggest overall money doesn't buy happiness. It's pure amazement, the fact at which a human can become attracted and not let go to their complete opposite. Why has everyone at least one experience a consistency of love for there not so perfect partner - positively a movie everyone and anyone can relate too at any level about the mystery of love. Attraction destroys all circumstances at this wonderful uplifting tale of young love.
A special screening of the film, included me not only wanting to watch it again, yet getting the chance to meet the cast with Q & A at a chosen Manhattan movie theater. I was exuberant at the sight of Fanny Brawne and Ben Wishaw at the premiere with chemistry of set as well. This is by far a must see movie of the year! I am pondering about the next delightful casting these up and rising over talented actors will star in in the upcoming years.

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