Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Appearing inside Bergdorf Goodman on a surprise visit and shopping initiation, Coco Rocha, world renowned fashion model, gracefully depicted new featured shades for her diligently piercing hooded eyes. Surprisingly she happened to blend in, quite the contrary of her normal exclusiveness, one would not notice it was Ms. Rocha, until a qualified team of makeup artists came at hand to the desires wanted. She may look like an untouchable but speaking with a wide vivid vocabulary, she expressed her love for something other than a photographer's blank canvas to me - her passion of dancing, especially her most loved - Irish river dance. After the sun had set,DKNY
5th Ave. became overcrowded with fans wishing to glance through the crowd of heads to witness the performance with Coco as the lead dancing "the river dance," with speechless teens pressing closer, complimentary popcorn in hand. The night was young, but the restlessness of patience was well worth the wait. After all, you don't see a legendary model in front of you outside of a glossy magazine page, and yet alone dancing, who wouldn't you want to join?!

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