Thursday, July 16, 2009


Is a poster really a poster if it hasn't been put up?! Or is it a drawing before the actually activity?! Think a second and come back to me...
Well how about artwork. Can it be anything or only an advertisement of your talent. Mind bobbling questions came to mind while reaching my wheat paste brush to glue MoMA Performance and Conceptual Art Class made a rather further statement of the question once asked above. Artwork full of "rebelling" images with cigarettes, fighting, and scared faces filled the space. At 20 st. 9th Ave a overdose of questions as to what we are doing in the first place were placed for us to answer by total strangers just enjoying their morning coffee walking down the pavement. Some even stopped by to take pictures of the action movement. So tell me - why is it that advertisements take over our generation?! Everyone agrees that media is our generation-our time. But where did the originality go with unique art, one that no one could plagiarise, copy or hang from NY to LA. What happened to legal art. Illegal graffiti isn't the only way to go to show your artistry. Why hide the actual performance of you putting it up, after all if people didn't ask or see you do something, would anyone really notice?! Fraid not'!
Did you know that pasting your artwork over advertisement is legal! Yup! Want to make your own imagery stick to the wall! Well it all starts with FLOUR, SUGAR, and WATER. Couldn't get simpler and cheaper than that. Website - offers you step by step directions. Now go out there and do something with your mind, and poster it for all of Manhattan to see. Take a group of friends and their artwork as well and you'll enjoy the experience even more! Don't be scared to get messy (it all washes off anyway!), and climb on each others shoulder's to reach the highest spot as suggested by MoMA student's adventure! And get your community involved in some open discussion about the art! Don't forget to most importantly HAVE FUN!!! Truth is if your enjoying something and have a postitive attitude the more people will approuch you! GO ALL OUT!!!


QUESTION : What do you do on a boring, hot summer evening!? Go to Central Park of course. But not any old walk in the fresh air. Not indeed. So tell me who are your favorite actors. Does Anne Hathaway happen to fall in the category?! Well how about seeing her perform for FREE!? Hundreds slept in the park in sleeping bags and BBQ chairs waiting til afternoon at 1pm the next day to grab their free tickets. Most entered the virtual lottery online at but majority refused the risk of not receiving them. Academy award winning actress performing in front of you one of Shakespeare's classics's Twelfth Night in the most beautiful park in the world for Free?! - is this a trick or a joke?! NEITHER! Performing live in the grand Delacorte Theater, as her role Viola, who must deliver her letter to her master's love, Olivia, yet Olivia falls in love with Viola instead! What a scandal! Might I add that even if the language might be a bit challenged for the youngster's out there, there's plenty of energetic coreography and songs. Ms. Hathaway did not leave any talent behind. Aside with her outstanding acting performance, she sings beautifully an Opera song - clearly multi talented, you can't ignore her intense, graceful voice tone. Besides the musical effect, its practically Comedy Central for the Shakespheare lovers filled with playful, hilarious puns. Yet the actor's never break focus even after bugs flying around them after 9pm, and repetitive noisy helicopters floating around during the performance itself. Good thing there were microphones! At about 12pm the audience stayed yet longer awaiting Anne to come out and sign their Playbill. Wearing a modest white t-shirt, jeans, and a warm scarf Ms. Hathaway could pass for a regular women, yet looking so young, maybe even a teenager. Sadly Twelfth Night's running nights are closed now but the next play to be put on is Bacchae scheduled for this upcoming week. Grab you tickets its sure to be a show!!!

ROB THOMAS (ALL the photos are taken by me)

Of course the big NY is full of new artists, but this one in particular has an extensive number of fans lined up to buy his new CD. Hit single "her diamonds" already seems to arouse "Top 20" songs on MTV Saturday mornings. The name's Rob Thomas. Inside Bloomingdales on 59st Lexington, 3rd Av. were stacks of Cd's being sold to sign. Sound familiar back in the days of Matchbox Twenty? In the days or 1999, "Thomas earned three Grammy awards for co-writing and singing on the Carlos Santana triple-platinum hit "Smooth" on the album Supernatural." Year 2004 he earned his first Starlight Award granted by the Songwriters Hall Of Fame. And now he's back working successfully on his third album "Cradelsong" overall earning over 9 singles since leaving his band career as lead singer of Matchbox Twenty onto an alternative rock solo artist.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Demi hits the humid summer blocks escaping quickly from the Paparazzi. What a surprise it must have been for me...last day of school, walking through Central Park, and noticing a over sized crowd in front of Trump Hotel located by Columbus Circle. I asked what it was for and the group of blond girls with Ray Bans, and People mags in there hands, were quick to answer Demi Lovato. Without hesitation I grabbed a spot in between. Some one else happened to stop by as well - Mr. Jonas! Remarks emerged all over- "Hey bring out your hot sons," one said baring all. Greeting Demi, he came out with her to show her into the car. While walking on the heated steps, everyone went wind. For the first time I had witnessed this! Crowds BROKE and jumped over, and around the barrack's stabelness used to calm their senses. And now there was nothing but pure body to body. Even after the shocking outburst of fans, Demi literally took a picture with EVERYONE who tapped her pleding to just got a glimpse of her. I had never seen a celebrity stand somewhere for 15min., especially "being in the crowd." What dedication to her fans! Thanks Demi!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

WHITE TIE AFFAIR (ALL the photos are taken by me)

Um anyone think that they have chance to be in the Macy's runway?!
Well auditions passed, but hopeful individuals came to Macy's for a lucky spot.
Thousands waited for hours just to walk the 6 yard runway for the judges to approve.
To ease the excitement of a "big break", new band known by locals "White Tie Affair" made a surprise visit. Performing their new hit "candle", and "take it home" the crowd quickly grabbed space to get a glimpse of new guy magnet, and lead singer, Chris Wallace. Fizzle drinks were served to hydrate the jumping ecstatic teenagers shoving closer by the second. The band graciously singed autographs on given posters of the band performing. The competition overall chose 13 finalists who later on walked in the Macy's runway for the fall/spring fashion show. Imagine how good of a day it must have been for them...W.T.A. and getting into the competition!? Win-win for them I'm sure. Congrats!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Sure Manhattan, the city of lights, big apple dreams, crowded streets and just regular people right? NO SIR'E! Even reality stars are known and appreciated here. After taking a phone call, and talking my way through the street, I noticed a familiar face. One that I had been following all season long with my favorite of the designer's Chris being on it. Unique designs took people into intimidation. Often he was mocked by having new intuitive ideas on ways to sew. The most outstanding of the designs was a collared shirt razor cut blazer made out of pure fabric, yards of it...and *drum-roll*, yards of HUMAN HAIR as well! Who would have thought that fashion was only limited to flat colored patterns on a suit. Many questioned his "canvas art" on his mannequin. But me unlike others was very proud of the real risk taken that I had never seen before. Should passion only be required to fit inside the box? - fraid' not!
Realized I have mistakenly thought of Chris as a regular person just walking past me on the street, I shut down my cell, and ran a block in order to actually meet him.
Oh trust me, did it pay off. I am positive that he will come up with new fabulous designs for Fashion Week. Sometimes the person doesn't have to be a big celeb to impress you, often it just start with impacting inspiration conceptional art.

VANESSA WILLIAMS (ALL the photos are taken by me)

VANESSA WILLIAMS came to the J&R store on the last stop of the #6 train - "Brooklyn Bridge". New album titled THE REAL THING has Vanessa posing knelled on the ground with a black gown and gold sequence on her back facing toward the camera. Sadly the album got lowered to #91 as of June 20, 2009 - but people didn't judge the mellow alternative soft music with hints of "Latin-pop accents". Indead no question about it, the show UGLY BETTY still remains a hit. Day today we still laugh with our families following the journey of a "unglamorous and good-natured Betty Suarez and her incongruous job at the ultra-chic New York City fashion magazine Mode." Due to her performances on the episode mania, V.W. still gives us the best impression of the mean fashionista that won't stand a chance to let Betty take her spot of being on top. Day today I get my laughs from watching...impressive story plot. Deffinatily Family favorite!

TEEN VOGUE EVENT- SOPHIA BUSH (ALL photos are taken by me)

SOPHIA BUSH appeared at Teen Vogue's "It Girl" Event on a chilly January evening.
A large pile of people gathered in front waiting to get inside. Lists of names were being checked off, and I wouldn't be surprised if everyone showed up ;D
As hostess for the opening of the Le Sportsac bag store in Soho she politely signed autographs, and patiently took a photos and signed autographs. The store was filled with delicious candy ranging from Sour Patch Kids (fan favorite-yum!), baked miniature cupcakes, to Fizzle Soda (preferably grapefruit for me <3 ). Sure on a cold night such as this one, many would be tempted to stay home, instead of taking on the vicious winds Manhattan has to offer. But of course passion over throws temptation when you could get to see your favorite actress that happens to pop on your t.v. on your much followed ONE TREE HILL seasons.