Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Demi hits the humid summer blocks escaping quickly from the Paparazzi. What a surprise it must have been for me...last day of school, walking through Central Park, and noticing a over sized crowd in front of Trump Hotel located by Columbus Circle. I asked what it was for and the group of blond girls with Ray Bans, and People mags in there hands, were quick to answer Demi Lovato. Without hesitation I grabbed a spot in between. Some one else happened to stop by as well - Mr. Jonas! Remarks emerged all over- "Hey bring out your hot sons," one said baring all. Greeting Demi, he came out with her to show her into the car. While walking on the heated steps, everyone went wind. For the first time I had witnessed this! Crowds BROKE and jumped over, and around the barrack's stabelness used to calm their senses. And now there was nothing but pure body to body. Even after the shocking outburst of fans, Demi literally took a picture with EVERYONE who tapped her pleding to just got a glimpse of her. I had never seen a celebrity stand somewhere for 15min., especially "being in the crowd." What dedication to her fans! Thanks Demi!

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