Thursday, July 16, 2009


QUESTION : What do you do on a boring, hot summer evening!? Go to Central Park of course. But not any old walk in the fresh air. Not indeed. So tell me who are your favorite actors. Does Anne Hathaway happen to fall in the category?! Well how about seeing her perform for FREE!? Hundreds slept in the park in sleeping bags and BBQ chairs waiting til afternoon at 1pm the next day to grab their free tickets. Most entered the virtual lottery online at but majority refused the risk of not receiving them. Academy award winning actress performing in front of you one of Shakespeare's classics's Twelfth Night in the most beautiful park in the world for Free?! - is this a trick or a joke?! NEITHER! Performing live in the grand Delacorte Theater, as her role Viola, who must deliver her letter to her master's love, Olivia, yet Olivia falls in love with Viola instead! What a scandal! Might I add that even if the language might be a bit challenged for the youngster's out there, there's plenty of energetic coreography and songs. Ms. Hathaway did not leave any talent behind. Aside with her outstanding acting performance, she sings beautifully an Opera song - clearly multi talented, you can't ignore her intense, graceful voice tone. Besides the musical effect, its practically Comedy Central for the Shakespheare lovers filled with playful, hilarious puns. Yet the actor's never break focus even after bugs flying around them after 9pm, and repetitive noisy helicopters floating around during the performance itself. Good thing there were microphones! At about 12pm the audience stayed yet longer awaiting Anne to come out and sign their Playbill. Wearing a modest white t-shirt, jeans, and a warm scarf Ms. Hathaway could pass for a regular women, yet looking so young, maybe even a teenager. Sadly Twelfth Night's running nights are closed now but the next play to be put on is Bacchae scheduled for this upcoming week. Grab you tickets its sure to be a show!!!

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