Thursday, July 9, 2009

WHITE TIE AFFAIR (ALL the photos are taken by me)

Um anyone think that they have chance to be in the Macy's runway?!
Well auditions passed, but hopeful individuals came to Macy's for a lucky spot.
Thousands waited for hours just to walk the 6 yard runway for the judges to approve.
To ease the excitement of a "big break", new band known by locals "White Tie Affair" made a surprise visit. Performing their new hit "candle", and "take it home" the crowd quickly grabbed space to get a glimpse of new guy magnet, and lead singer, Chris Wallace. Fizzle drinks were served to hydrate the jumping ecstatic teenagers shoving closer by the second. The band graciously singed autographs on given posters of the band performing. The competition overall chose 13 finalists who later on walked in the Macy's runway for the fall/spring fashion show. Imagine how good of a day it must have been for them...W.T.A. and getting into the competition!? Win-win for them I'm sure. Congrats!

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