Thursday, July 16, 2009


Is a poster really a poster if it hasn't been put up?! Or is it a drawing before the actually activity?! Think a second and come back to me...
Well how about artwork. Can it be anything or only an advertisement of your talent. Mind bobbling questions came to mind while reaching my wheat paste brush to glue MoMA Performance and Conceptual Art Class made a rather further statement of the question once asked above. Artwork full of "rebelling" images with cigarettes, fighting, and scared faces filled the space. At 20 st. 9th Ave a overdose of questions as to what we are doing in the first place were placed for us to answer by total strangers just enjoying their morning coffee walking down the pavement. Some even stopped by to take pictures of the action movement. So tell me - why is it that advertisements take over our generation?! Everyone agrees that media is our generation-our time. But where did the originality go with unique art, one that no one could plagiarise, copy or hang from NY to LA. What happened to legal art. Illegal graffiti isn't the only way to go to show your artistry. Why hide the actual performance of you putting it up, after all if people didn't ask or see you do something, would anyone really notice?! Fraid not'!
Did you know that pasting your artwork over advertisement is legal! Yup! Want to make your own imagery stick to the wall! Well it all starts with FLOUR, SUGAR, and WATER. Couldn't get simpler and cheaper than that. Website - offers you step by step directions. Now go out there and do something with your mind, and poster it for all of Manhattan to see. Take a group of friends and their artwork as well and you'll enjoy the experience even more! Don't be scared to get messy (it all washes off anyway!), and climb on each others shoulder's to reach the highest spot as suggested by MoMA student's adventure! And get your community involved in some open discussion about the art! Don't forget to most importantly HAVE FUN!!! Truth is if your enjoying something and have a postitive attitude the more people will approuch you! GO ALL OUT!!!

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