Sunday, February 6, 2011

The wonderful Ann Shoket & the talented Miranda Cosgrove! (ALL photos are taken by me)

While looking forward to meeting the cute and talented Miranda Cosgrove,
THERE SHE WAS - the fabulous Ann Shoket!
She has such an extremely warm and down to Earth personality, that it's hard to ignore her presence in this fast-paced NYC madness!
When I was downloading this photo, I realized our dresses look like they belong in the same Lookbook! Talk about me having psychic powers! ;]

Miranda Cosgrove's much deserved first cover of Seventeen Magazine hit off with her magazine signing.
                                 "Miranda Cosgrove may be the highest paid teen actress on TV (she makes over three times more than Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez combined!)"

"She was more nervous about taking the SATs this fall than she was about performing for President Obama, which she did right before Christmas."
"My ultimate dream is to go to the University of Southern California for two years and then New York University for two years."

"I wish I could come back as Tina Fey in another life."

"I'd love to play goth on Glee - try something totally different."

"I'm nothing like iCarly. I want people to see the real me."

"Nova, you rock!"

CUTE SEVENTEEN GOODIE BAG all the girls received!

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