Monday, February 21, 2011

OMGITSNOVA.BLOGSPOT.COM at Custo Barcelona Fashion Show

My favorite fashion show was Custo Barcelona which was completed by the great casting of Maurilio for MTC, styling of Bernat Buscato, hair of Neil Moodie for Bumble and Bumble and makeup of Gato for Maybelline.

As soon as I walked in I noticed the HUGE RED futuristic model exits.  Althouth no UFO's came to shut down the show, I couldn't help but notice how much effort was put into all the clothes. The materials and colors were all so rich and full of life. Barcelo's designs had gorgeous sequins that sparkled against the loud lights and paparazzi clicks. If Ke$ha were there, she would be envious of the models and say "Your clothes is my drug!"

Clean...but not really
A clean state was the starting point of this collection.
Pure lines and neutral colors reflect this idea. However, as this process progressed, the true essence of Custo Barcelona emerged in an explosive way: colors, prints and graphics takes over splashing it all.
The result is a graphic and colorist composition that goes from the minimum to the absolute.
Wool is the hero fabric and all its textures are represented: felted wool, fringes, wool based graphic jacquards and open and distressed weaves are used to create an effect of light organza.

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