Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Iggy Azalea on Nikki & Sare Live on MTV!

Everyone who knows me, knows that I'm OBSESSED with rapper Iggy Azalea<3 !!!
I admire her attitude, boldness, and sass that are embodied in her songs that I listen to non-stop and make me feel 'bossed up' so to speak ;)
My friend Priscilla Cordero knows how much I love her because I'm always quoting her lyrics and posting pictures of her as my cover photo on Facebook, therefore she surprised me COMPLETELY when she asked me if I would like to go see Iggy as the guest on the Nikki & Sara Live on MTV show! How could one pass out on an AMAZING opportunity such as this!? (excuse me as I go create a shrine for her!)
I could not be MORE THANKFUL AND APPRECIATIVE of the fact that she thought of me, and invited me and participated in an extremely magical (and surreal) night for me :DD !
This blog post is 100% dedicated to my friend Priscilla Cordero and her sweet thoughtfulness <3
Iggy is EXTREMLY sweet and down to Earth and funny and such a pleasure to meet :)


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Katy Perry Performance @ the Video Music Awards 2013!

'No sleep til Brooklynnnn!!!' Sooo excited to be in the audience of the live KATY PERRY performance tonight @ the VMA's :DD #HYPE


Saturday, August 3, 2013

A summer full of GOOD VIBES

This summer has been nothing but GOOD VIBES as stated on my shirt that I silk-screened at camp :)
It was both productive with a job that I love, and relaxing!
Summer is all about going outside and enjoying the sun, and that's exactly what I did!
Whether it is living off of free concerts, girl time at sleepovers, enjoying a picnic in Central Park, celebrating Quinceaneras, a one way ticket to the world of imagination at the MET or MoMA, learning to skateboard, (obviously with my health insurance card in my back pocket ha!) expressing my inner mermaid at the Mermaid Parade and at the beach, shhh-ing everyone when Pretty Little Liars comes on, making mosaics for the Lower East Side Girls Club, getting my flower child on through kayaking and swimming in waterfalls, screaming on the Cyclone, getting my septum piercing, (which I've been debating about for 3 years and I did it on impulse while relaxing at the beach ha!) Sophia Coppola movie date nights, enjoying the summer breeze while blasting Grimes (I've been obsessed since last summer!!!) on the swings, or long walks around the neighborhood at night;etc.,  its been amazing to say the least <3

Although I love photography, I notice that most times behind the lens, one is so fixated on getting the 'right shot' that they miss out of the present moment. It's not always the best thing to be documenting the present to appreciate it in the future and never actually experience it first hand. That's the goal-to take in moment to moment reality thorough all 5 senses by finding a good balance. In other words here are some photos that depict my appreciation for all things summer related!

Art in the a.m. wakes you up better than any alarm! The park ave tunnel hasn't been open since the 30s (!) and now its a fully equipped art installation that I'm glad I got to experience :)

Tyra Banks was on STEVE the other day and spoke about the program that she runs that I'm involved in, and I was in the picture that was shown on t.v. :)

the beginning of the mosaic :)

me at work at my job :)

Straight up looking like Daft Punk while welding metal at my job ‪#‎hotstuffobvi‬ ‪#‎drippinswaguu‬ 

one of my cute campers :)

I kill pride
I hurt feelins
click clack bang bang
we in the Murda Business~

Peep the septum? 
neon green color, for my inner 80s baby 

Hold on there, we've still got a month to go :)
I'm still super excited for my future summer plans that include kayaking, zip-lining, more free concerts, rock-climbing, falling in love with the NYC skyline all over again, and MUCH more.
& who can forget about treating myself for the hard work at my job by enjoying many more fro-yos, and of course some back to school shopping ;)
My 'keyword' for this summer when it began was CAREFREE and that's exactly how I've been living it!
How's everyone else spending their summer?