Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Iggy Azalea on Nikki & Sare Live on MTV!

Everyone who knows me, knows that I'm OBSESSED with rapper Iggy Azalea<3 !!!
I admire her attitude, boldness, and sass that are embodied in her songs that I listen to non-stop and make me feel 'bossed up' so to speak ;)
My friend Priscilla Cordero knows how much I love her because I'm always quoting her lyrics and posting pictures of her as my cover photo on Facebook, therefore she surprised me COMPLETELY when she asked me if I would like to go see Iggy as the guest on the Nikki & Sara Live on MTV show! How could one pass out on an AMAZING opportunity such as this!? (excuse me as I go create a shrine for her!)
I could not be MORE THANKFUL AND APPRECIATIVE of the fact that she thought of me, and invited me and participated in an extremely magical (and surreal) night for me :DD !
This blog post is 100% dedicated to my friend Priscilla Cordero and her sweet thoughtfulness <3
Iggy is EXTREMLY sweet and down to Earth and funny and such a pleasure to meet :)


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