Sunday, October 24, 2010

the story of an orange and apple.

Each day I grab an extra orange and apple at lunch.
But the extras aren't for me.
Instead they're for someone who doesn't even HAVE an option to choose an orange over an apple.
New York City is acknowledged as this powerful city where everything is possible, and everyone is shopping big on 5 Ave on music videos. Although the most lucrative industries are placed here, we often overlook the possibility of others not having the possibilities handed to them.
I'm overwhelmed by the vast distinction of social classes in this city of opportunity.
Each day I pass at least one homeless and remind myself of this irony.

I place this orange or apple in their hands and I receive the most simplest remark "thank you" with a beautiful smile that always makes my day.
While giving the fruits, I give hope.
Hope to let them know they are not alone...
                  to let them know that someone does care...
                                to let them know their existence is important to me..
                          to let them know that they are not overlooked...
                                to let them know that someone looks out for them...

 weingart homeless1 Weingart Homeless Center: Imagine Yourself Homeless

weingart homeless 2 Weingart Homeless Center: Imagine Yourself Homeless
YET...when I see that people do community service just for colleges and to graduate I get disgusted because they're not giving real hope, just fake service- service they were mandated to do, and mandated to represent a beautiful image of themselves for schools.

community service isn't community service when you're doing it for hours. Instead its what you do when you're not required to. My selflessness is greater than hours therefore I've completed more "service" than others who claim they have.

photos byWeingart Homeless Center

Tuesday, October 19, 2010 Straight Talk on Gay Marriage (OFFICIAL)

Took the words out of my mouth...

NO ONE deserves to live a hateful life, because they are staying true to being themselves.
Carl Paladino asks "would you take your children to a Gay Pride Parade?"
YES, yes indeed I would, because I would teach my child what pride is...
-the pride of living your life the way YOU want to.
"God loves all his children" right?
why does it seem as if the most "moral" people are moral-less when they see differences in ways of living?
ALL religions teach love, yet why do we put an "X" on different variations of love?

Join the revolution of LOVE and FCKH8.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Day shouldn't even exist.

Its officially Columbus Day today, yet in the back of my mind I can't help but agree that throughout school we've all been lied to about how "great" of a person he is. 
He discovered the New World and set up the Columbus Trade system- I won't conclude that this isn't quite remarkable but no one even stops to think that his lucrative ways lead to this "remarkable." 
No one seems to realize that this man lead one of the greatest genocides of Native Americans. He killed them if there was no gold found even though there actually wasn't ANY gold to BE found. He separated families, friends, and tribes in the effort of not risking rebellion from the Native Americans. And it's completely mind boggling to see the suicide rates due to Cassava plants because the deed of finding gold was unattainable. 

This is the man we take a day off from school or work to celebrate? 
What are we actually celebrating? Why are we so approving of this day? 
Why do we have stores that sell decorations with pasted pictures of him on it? 
Why are we praising him?
Why are we not told the truth from the beginning in school?

Howard Zinn I applaud you. He is the ONLY Historian and Socialist that has opened my eyes to the truth-the only one that dares to speak the truth. 
Perhaps this day shouldn't be remembered as "Columbus Day" but "Native American Remembrance Day." Perhaps our youth should become more educated about us celebrating a murderer.
Sorry but I prefer not to celebrate the man who lead one of the greatest genocides of Native Americans- enough said.
These protesters are protesting the truth that needs to be told.

John Lennon's 7Oth Birthday Celebration

John Lennon's 70th Birthday was celebrated at The Society of Ethical Culture with the help of bands: The Quarrymen, Glen Burtnik, Tom Chapin, Marshall Crenshaw, Mark Hudson, Garland Jeffreys, Tom Paxton, Pete Seeger, The Rivertown Kids, Blueberry Acres, Earl Slick, Sonya Kitchell, Neil Innes, and Never Shout Never playing John Lennon's contagious beats. Waiting outside of 2 W 64st, I looked upon a familiar face- Christofer Drew of Never Shout Never. After disappointingly telling him that my friends and I weren't attending the concert, he replied approvingly "it's okay I'm only going to play one song." It's unbelievable how Christofer Drew has skyrocketed from Joplin to the transcendence of sold out tours.    

With a genial smile, Chris came to join us after the concert. After two hours of singing, talking, laughing, contemplating and gazing the stars we were shocked to see Chris joined our brigade. He is such a genuine person and that not only intrigues me as an artist but as a friend. Humble but ambitious is what I stride for on a daily basis and it's refreshing to see that characteristic in him as well. The free spirited Chris even sang Across the Universe to his fans. With his alluring voice, New York City's honking traffic went on mute. The moment was surreal, beautiful, and rather indescribable through artificial words. It's difficult however to comprehend that all good things come to an end sooner or later.
Politely excusing himself to meet a buddy, he smoothly drifted off in the night of peace and harmony. At that moment there was not a single doubtful thought in my head that Chris wouldn't evolve through the artistry of music and teach some much needed lessons to this overbearing materialist world. I'm looking forward for that journey into harmony.