Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Day shouldn't even exist.

Its officially Columbus Day today, yet in the back of my mind I can't help but agree that throughout school we've all been lied to about how "great" of a person he is. 
He discovered the New World and set up the Columbus Trade system- I won't conclude that this isn't quite remarkable but no one even stops to think that his lucrative ways lead to this "remarkable." 
No one seems to realize that this man lead one of the greatest genocides of Native Americans. He killed them if there was no gold found even though there actually wasn't ANY gold to BE found. He separated families, friends, and tribes in the effort of not risking rebellion from the Native Americans. And it's completely mind boggling to see the suicide rates due to Cassava plants because the deed of finding gold was unattainable. 

This is the man we take a day off from school or work to celebrate? 
What are we actually celebrating? Why are we so approving of this day? 
Why do we have stores that sell decorations with pasted pictures of him on it? 
Why are we praising him?
Why are we not told the truth from the beginning in school?

Howard Zinn I applaud you. He is the ONLY Historian and Socialist that has opened my eyes to the truth-the only one that dares to speak the truth. 
Perhaps this day shouldn't be remembered as "Columbus Day" but "Native American Remembrance Day." Perhaps our youth should become more educated about us celebrating a murderer.
Sorry but I prefer not to celebrate the man who lead one of the greatest genocides of Native Americans- enough said.
These protesters are protesting the truth that needs to be told.

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