Sunday, December 29, 2013

NYLON Magazine Internship :) !

Interning in the Fashion Closet of NYLON magazine is a great learning process. I gained behind the scenes knowledge of the fashion industry relating to brands, public relations, and photo shoots. I became much more detail-oriented and efficient in organizing multiple projects at once.

Replace those heels with some much needed flats because going through PILES and PILES of clothes by checking them in with photos and labels, merching, organizing many racks, checking out, and packing them up in up to 15 trunks and bags and more (ESPECIALLY when they're coming from a shoot or going to one) is no joke, and I appreciated each and every day of hard work that this AMAZING internship brought to me!!!

I'm sooo thankful for this wonderful opportunity and how it strengthened all my skills! Each month, the fruits of my labor are showcased by my name being printed in the masthead and I can't help but smile :)

My fellow great and hilarious interns :) Oh...the stories and laughs we've shared <33

My awesome boss :D

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society Induction

It makes me SOO happy to see women having a leadership position-to have a voice, to be represented, and to call the shots. When I ran for Student Body President in high school, a guy told me that a girl can't take on a leadership position. 
As the Executive Board Member of the Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society I'm part of the statistic of women that are breaking the glass ceiling accomplishment by accomplishment ;)
Watch out society, GIRL POWER is in FULL blast <3

I'm also consciously working on breaking the stereotype of what a 'good student' looks like, aka I purposefully keep my septum piercing in my nose and my bold tights and shinny sneaker wedges while giving speeches on behalf of PTK. A successful academic girl isn't just one who studies hard and gets good grades and can be found in the back of the library. Instead, its the girl dancing first on the dance floor as much as raising her hand first in class; the girl who loves makeup as much as science; the girl coloring her hair as much as she attends her study group. I want people to join because they feel comfortable in the diversity, not in a cookie-cutter appeal behind the label of a 'good student.'