Monday, April 26, 2010

Fairytale Fashion Show 2010 by Diana Eng

As an intern for Diana Eng of Project Runway, I closely helped Diana accomplish her Spring Fashion Show held at Eye Beam Studios down at Chelsea Piers. Her fashion show below is one you've never seen. Diana is all about experimenting with technology and uses LED lights in her designs. I run her Facebook site (search :fairytale fashion), and well as take part in her website with her weekly updated videos at

Can you believe this- an inflatable dress. how cool is that! imagine it was full of helium and you could fly. imagine in the middle of class you press the RED button- HEY WAIT! didn't Dexter tell you not to press it?!  but after all you are Didi and you press it anyway and you blast through the ceiling and somehow you don't end up breaking all your bones. yeah this is exactly what it makes me feel like.

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  1. I love your look! You are piece of confidence! That is what is beauty about!