Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Are you Dazed or Confused?

She finds happiness in hidden places
and makes friends with unknown faces.
Not everything is scheduled A through Z
so when you can't get A, choose B.
Its not life thats hard, its the decisions you make,
but you have to realize it's still up to fate
You can't stop time but you could start your growth,
and where that'll take you...nobody knows.

Uncover your magic in a a thrifty shop,
however sometimes you'll find it between the rocks-
a place that goes about ignored,
which your ignorance can't even destroy.
When you choose to guide your own path in life you won't settle for only for the things in sight.

- By Nova ♥

^ My Halloween costume haha! Yes mother, I don't want to be a princess for Halloween, I want to be Cousin It! While trick -0- treatin' a man said, "I haven't seen that costume since 1987!" Great, I'm extremely proud I brought it back! Holla!
I was initially supposed to dress up like an 80s chick, but it turns out that's my style everyday and people couldn't tell the difference so I decided to depend on a good-ol homemade costume!

Isn't it amazing how people think there's a limit to what age you should "act" like a kid, as if I'm too old to have candy in my system! If I'm not mistaken teens eat more candy and get more breakouts (yes, I said it, PIMPLES), get more stressed (those midterms!), and save their allowance money for food. Throughout the night, of course I got awkward comments like "aren't you too old to be trick or treatin'? Why do adults just love to get you out of your innocent phase and into adulthood faster? ...
"You should think about it, take a second..*ring*" Nope Snoop Dogg, nothing came up.
Anywho...I shall continue to carry out my behaviors because I can say, according to Huggies that "I'm a big kid now!"  Halloween should be everyday right?

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