Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Haiku: Wednesday by Nova

Haiku called Wednesday by Nova :

Middle of the week.
Dying since we were living.
Another day gone.

I believe that my haiku really connects with the quote I personally resonate with below:

“I think if you are really into words and poetry and situations of life, there is always a little kiss of sadness on everything you do… It’s just the kind of person who I am. I always look carefully beneath the outward appearance of things. I want to know what’s really going on in somebody’s heart.”
-Stevie Nicks

Being in my senior year of high school is bittersweet. Its the year between growing up and holding on.
I've always been an extremely observant person with a self-reflective perspective, yet there's something about senior year that's making me think even more.

Maybe its the decisions that are still ahead? Maybe its saying goodbye to what I've grown up with?
Maybe its being nervous in thought of experiencing full independence? Maybe its because I feel myself growing up?

There are times when I think about "everything going so fast" or even "so slow" however I've realized through theater how to experience life to the fullest.
How you ask? Through the 5 senses my friends.

Wherever I go I think like a thespian which has not only helped my sensory recognition for scenes but my spiritual upbringing. I stay and take in a moment. I sit. I meditate. I hear the scraping of the subway tracks. I smell the "newness" of a car. I cascade my fingers through the sand. I close my eyes and picture the moment in my head.
This experience never lets me regret something by saying "I wish"...instead I say "I did/ I will."

On my free time I explore New York City by getting off at random train stops and taking in the community. In my room I hung up my Subway Map and on it I wrote-
"I refuse to be a tourist in my own city. I came. I saw. I conquered. I learned. I got lost. I became me." I've marked a heart on all the places that I've been to. I hope to one day visit every train station in New York City.

These poems/thoughts below resonate with me as well and are beautifully written.

I REFUSE to ever lose my curiosity and love of life. Unlike others I get high off of life not drugs or negative influences. I choose to be straight edge and say yes to my future and not be a statistic.

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