Saturday, November 26, 2011

Colors and Dreams brighten the future.

We weren't kidding when we said we're going to paint the town with optimism and positivity  :] ! The Lower East Side Girl's Club painted a series of murals depicting "Woman Who Changed The World." I truly thank these powerful woman that range from social activists, artists, to politicians for the rights that I have today as a woman. Working with the Girls Club and with Eve Ensler makes me proud everyday to proclaim myself as the feminist that I am, and gives me the confidence I feel when I speak my voice. As women, our progress continues towards equalness, and an end to sexism which sadly still exists day today.

With events such as V-Day and Slut Walks, I have hope for the future of the next generation of girls. A personal hope I've experienced is Girl's Club raising $100,000 (!!!!!YES!!!!!) for programming the next girls to come! As women we shall not be silenced, we shall not be seen as second in place. The 60s have passed, and happily the domestic housewife appeal and stereotype is shedding and woman are in the 21st century lawyers, doctors, CEOs, managers, students, activists, and artists.

With my passions and enthusiasm, I continue to voice my opinions and showcase the new evolution of woman and start a REVOLUTION of womanhood, because well, Girl's Rule!

It all starts with an idea!

The face of determination, Rosa Parks Mural by Nikolina and I ♥

One of the faces of the murals, Rosie Mendez and I!

Celebration with the Girls at Girls Club!

Spreading <3 through 'Hearts of the World' with Nikolina!

What does your HEART have to say?

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