Saturday, November 26, 2011

Late nights are so perfect with tea, Erykah Badu, and writing.

Silence is beautiful but why are people so scared of it?I 'd rather have silence then shallow talk any day.
Silence tests all relationships. Its shows you how truly close you are to someone, how distant you remain, or just how in sync you are with wanting to be in the moment with the person.

Why does the best conversation come at night? Why do late night calls with your friends seem almost magical? Because the day's restlessness has finally gone to rest, and you're stuck in your thoughts, and your mind with a paper and pen by the side.
Some think that talking is a waste of time, as if you could be doing something else,
but I see it as an investment-you learn SO much from talking out loud and comparing your situations to others. Talking teaches lessons and calms down people's inner doubts.
As a teenager I find talking essential, and I'll choose a good meaningful conversation over any "whats up" text because no characters or letters can make someone HEAR how I feel. To hear my reactions, and to hear my inflections as they twist from frustration to happiness.

Our generation is more disconnected then connected due to technology.
Texting is actually separating us apart rather than bringing us together. I decide to not have texting and to relay on the vocalization of asking someone how their day was.

Parties are often empty with gossip and chatter, and I find myself often submerging into thinking more deeply about the people that surround me.
I think where I can see them in years to come.
I think about the insecurities and struggles their trying to forget by partying.
I question if they are content with the way their life is?
I question if they could change something about themselves what would it be?
I think about something my mother brought up- asking people what their job is, and then asking them what they wish they could be doing.

We often label ourselves by our occupations instead of our dreams and aspirations.

I think about how they were when I first meet them, up to where they are now.
I pity the friendships that I see that only rely on gossiping to stay connected-
they know nothing about each other and still hold on to the "best friends" bracelets.
I pity the fact that people forget how important spirituality is for one's inner happiness.

What happened to authenticity and late nights contemplating about the future, insecurities, doubts, inhibitions, and hopes, instead of late nights about what someone was wearing, who some one's going out with, and mocking others for being different.
And so I stick to a close group of people who are my real friends- the ones that know the real me, and embark on a spiritual journey on discovering our lives together.

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