Thursday, December 1, 2011

Teen Vogue Partayy!

What can I say...I'm in love with Teen Vogue! You can't picture the excitement and adrenaline I feel each month a new issue arrives in my mailbox. I quickly squeal and rush to the cosiest reading spot and get inspired from the glossy pages under my fingers. Over the summer, it was such an honor to get a tour of Teen Vogue personally from the editors <3 ! (HERE) The office and editors have such a vibrant, opportunistic energy and a 'ready to work' attitude. Fashion is no glitz and glamour for the most part when running a magazine! It's all about running errands, styling for photo shoots, breaking heels from running when returning dresses, re-visions and re-visions, upcoming due dates and hours in the office that produce the satisfaction all fashionistas encounter when the new issue arrives. I respect the editors and interns so HIGHLY and I truly appreciate when the fabulous editors take time our of their busy schedule to share the excitement for Teen Vogue with their readers! Much love for all the glamorous faces below! *Applauds*
Mary Kate Steinmiller, Amy Astley, Jane Keltner, and I <3 !

Shiona Turini <3 !

Andrew Bevan <3 !

Thanks for the support Teen Vogue!

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