Thursday, January 23, 2014

Vanessa Hudgen's Nylon Magazine Cover Shoot for the February 2014 Issue!

The fruits of labor for a Nylon Magazine intern are getting to assist at cover shoots such as Vanessa Hudgen's February 2014 issue!
Vanessa was extremely friendly and upbeat and complemented my shoes by saying 'I love your Arctic-Polar-Beary shoes' *blushes* and she continued to ask where I bought them. Its not every day that you get to exchange shopping notes with an actress!
With her down-to-Earth spirit, she requested and bobbed her head to Kanye's Yeezus and danced to "I Am A God," as she exchanged smiles with us. She was ecstatic to be working with Nylon and spoke highly about how much she LOVES the magazine and how she's been reading it since she was a younger teen, while she expressed her passion for her favorite brand Ashish off the racks that Fashion Director J. Errico chose for her shoot!

We packed every item individually with bubble wrap/tissue into plastic bags, and carefully fit them into the trunks!
It was such a pleasure to assist at this shoot, and the above picture showcases that interns LOVE to have a little fun after packing up about 15 trunks/bags xD

vanessa hudgens feb 14 nylon cover 01
vanessa hudgens feb 14 nylon cover 02
These are the BEAUTIFUL John Galliano heels that we received in the office :D
vanessa hudgens feb 14 nylon cover 03
vanessa hudgens feb 14 nylon cover 05
The February 2014 Issue will be in newsstands on Jan. 29th!!! GET YOUR COPY!!!

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