Sunday, December 28, 2014


I am SO happy that my grandparents are visiting me from Croatia to celebrate the Holidays and my Birthday together :) Our flawed immigration system has kept me from seeing them for six years and not being able to visit Croatia for eight years. You CANNOT imagine the emotional range when I saw them at the airport. To say the least, although Skype is an amazing advancement, it does no justice pertaining to seeing someone in the flesh. The pixels don't show the same facial expression dynamics and it surely doesn't allow for 3 D embraces. My holidays have been spent bonding now despite lost times and making the best of the situation at hand, because after all, that's the best we can all do. I'm enjoying getting back to my missed Mediterranean roots and conversing with my grandpa over wine, and decorating the tree with three generations present, and hearing my grandpa playing the Dalmatian diple instrument! And with that, from my family to yours, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  

Warming up and watching the Sing Along version of the Sound of Music with my grandma!
Baking cookies with my grandma!

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