Sunday, December 28, 2014

VH1 Internship!!! :D

OMG!  Where IS Nova?! Well ladies and gentlemen, she's been EVERYWHERE, as usual. This busy bee has been out and about hustling and networking through the Big Apple and creating a dream come true for herself! I would LOVE to announce that SO many positive things have been occurring, especially lately! First things first (I'm the REALEST !) Besides starting at Brooklyn College this semester as a Broadcast Journalist major, I've been busy reading celebrity news, editing photographs, researching, and pitching and writing story ideas. Why you ask? For my blog? Nope-instead it's for the one and only VH1!!! AKA where my guilty pleasure of Love and Hip Hop and distorted view of what we all think Staten Island is like, thanks to Mob Wives comes from!  I've had the pleasure of interning for bosses who are incredibly sweet and check up on me, and who go around singing 'No Flex Zone' with me in the office! What's a regular Tuesday afternoon when you're meeting Beyonc√©'s publicist and when Nick Jonas says ''hey'' to you in the hallway and when the corporations' version of decorating for the Holidays includes an ice skating rink in the lobby! Not to mention, who can't feel inspired with the backdrop of Times Square while taking a lunch break on the balcony. What can I say- my internship  sure doesn't feel like 'work'.

Getting shot by the VH1 Film Crew! Check it out at the link below!

My sweet bosses!

Got to go see the VH1 Concert with singers Sam Smith, Echosmith, CHRVCHES; etc!

MORE UPDATES will be coming soon so stayed TUNED! ;) 

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