Monday, October 21, 2013

Paper Magazine's 9th Annual Nightlife Awards!!

New York City...the city that "NEVER SLEEPS" right?! You've got it right ;) So what better an event to celebrate The Big Apple's Motto than to host Paper's 9th Annual Nightlife Awards which awards the hottest party personalities, clubs, musical hits, and more! It was such a pleasure to help assist at this event where the dance floor was a colorful sea of neon costumes and haute-couture makeup! Projections on the sides showcased the nostalgia that the past 8 years brought at the awards as we recognized the past winners and congratulated the new ones! 

With Rapper Riff Raff!

It sure was a major throwback when Ciara performed '1,2, Step' and her other older hits! Oh the memories :') My goodness, this woman could dance!!!

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