Sunday, July 17, 2011

Zachary Alexander's Fashion Show!

As a Dancer at JT Lotus Dance Company and a student at Martha Graham Dance School of Contemporary Dance, Alexander mixed a wonderful choreography of both dance and fashion- his too passions! When I modeled for him in Talent Unlimited High School, I knew he would continue his drive and pursue his dreams on becoming the next fashion designer. And he sure hasn't let me down! He's still going strong with his beautiful designs, unquestionable fashion taste, and elegance in appearance. I'm glad to see he haven't let go of his determination!

LOVED the end of the show especially because its the moment when the modeling gets truly associated with dance. As a model places each piece on a dancer, the girls gracefully pose with soft movement as the model escapes in a gorgeous white pastel dress.

The designer & his mother whom he thanks at the end of the fashion show announcing, "thank you mom for my gift." Beautiful.


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