Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tziporah Salamon Performs!

Do you think fashion can replace your diary's time-line of your life?
Well it seems Tziporah Salamon, the often photographed trend setter uses each outfit for representing a day in her journey.
Just like a song or a place brings memory to ones head, so does cloth!
Tziporah's smooth transitions throughout periods of her development are spoken by her vibrant narration. She captures the audience with her unique and fabulous fashion taste that doesn't go by un-noticed on the streets of New York!
She emotionally recalls her days when her parents both misunderstood her clothing choices and when she herself was lost about the career path that was tailored for her.
Not only did Tziporah find her existence with her beautifully extravagant styling, but she also found the creativity that set her apart from everyone else. The elegant Salamon mentioned how she hates how everything has become about sex appeal instead of creativity and she hopes to bring back the imagination and classiness.
Tziporah is a style icon.
Vintage and thrift stores are her favorite just like mine! I have my signature pieces but I hope my closet with become the huge selection Tziporah's has become :D!

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