Monday, July 11, 2011

The Hilfigers!

Tommy Hilfiger's Showroom sure knows how to make a statement. Red, White, and  Blue (sadly I couldn't color the 'white' that way because you wouldn't see it! Ha!) was plastered against each wall when walking in. Not only did we get to meet one of nine children and Betsy Hilfiger (Tommy's sister), but we got to learn the fascinating tale of how the company started! Talk about having a primary source!
The small, however powerful room with all the celebrity antiques lead into a storing area of over 30,000 clothing pieces that celebrities or runway shows wore that Hilfiger's Team used for inspiration.
The experience was extremely fun, informative, and pleasantly personal!
Tommy Hilfiger's Sister, Betsy Hilfiger and I! She was so down-to-Earth and sweet!

Street Fashion and Runway both influence designers!
LOVE the fact that Plus Sizes are supported!

Golf anyone?!

Beautiful, relaxing view

This statement was so powerful, there was no way it went ignored by me.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Designed these jeans!

Elton John wore these bold fabulous platform shoes!

Mariah Carey designed these shorts!

Marilyn Monroe's Jeans that she wore in MisFits!

Marilyn Monroe's Boots!

Naomi Campbell rocked this look!

Tina Fey wore this adorable 'Little Black Dress' ;D

Mike Jagger's Leather Jacket!! *GASP* :O

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