Monday, July 25, 2011

Teen Vogue Headquarters :D !

UP...UP...UP...we go to the CAPITAL of teenage fashion obsession - Teen Vogue!
I wait each month impatiently for the next issue of style and pop culture. As soon as the glossy pages arrive they cascade through my fingers as I carefully read everything from the fine print of what the celebs are wearing to the fabulous expressive photo shoots! It would be an understatement to say that I simply love the magazine, but I truly do. When arriving in front of the bold red lettered Teen Vogue wall, my enthusiasm didn't decrease while the tour continued. My eyes focused on the details and the effort that goes into Teen Vogue - the 'organized mess' that Andrew Bevan likes to call it! Not only did the offices incorporate creativity, but so did the editors! 
 Andrew Bevan, Shinoa Turini, and Turini's assistant Danielle give the inside scoop!

The fashion closet! AKA the Holy Grail for fashionistas!
 Take an inside look BELOW!

This spiral notebook holds the monthly issues and is often full of notes, post-its and last minute changes as the editors stated!

Teen Vogue is physically organized on magnets!

The interns and editors have such a beautiful view on Times Square everyday!

LOVE color color color!

Model casting room!

The offices of persistence, determination, and getting the job done!

The fabulous Teen Vogue Editors!!! <3 They are so humorous, fun, down-to-earth, and hardworking! OH yeah...& FIERCE! I look forward to hopefully being part of the best team out there in the future!

Andrew Bevan and I :D
Check Out my INTERVIEW with Andrew Bevan BELOW!
xoxo Teen Vogue!

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