Friday, July 9, 2010

happy little camper

I went upstate to a beautiful camp and therefore without any technology and my commitment focused towards God's wonders, one can become very distracted from the outside world. My little new york munchkins, what ever over-stressed, busy, exhausted traveler needs is a rebirth. I found mine miles off of my surreal Big Apple.
2 traveling bags, sunscreen, and heavy blankets lead to an indescribable escape- The Adirondack mountains have concluded all my pleasurable pondering.
This being my FIRST CAMP, I obviously had other "firsts" or "fear nothing but fear itself" risk taking adventures, including my first S'more (yup i said first), Kayaking amongst mountain outlines, lily pads, and repetitive echoing, as well as a muddy hike, naming the constellations (witnessed my first shooting star= SPEECHLESS), diving in the lake without the taste of salt in my mouth, the contagious camp fire, and after meal songs, holding a precious toad in my palm, late night girl talk, and winning Cleanest Cabin Award (!) holla.

This image was taken by one of the happy campers and my friend Gissaury.

Mother nature and I go way back haha, but I've come to understand that besides my love for the environment, I've developed strong beliefs. 
--->Taoism a Chinese belief   /    Animism, an African belief  = both mean being one with nature.
---> I also now believe in breatharianism, the belief and practice of not living off of food or water, but rather off of energy from the sun and deep meditation.
But besides the tremendous colors, I've noticed what our society has done in order to destroy them.
---> Our Deforestation- the cutting down of trees due to overpopulation and office uses.
---> Our use of Pesticides, which causes dead zones full of an unequal bio mass.
---> And even our bug sprays - are you still wondering why your getting bitten?
DID YOU KNOW (?) that corporations that sell these liquids promising satisfaction are stealing your $. You know why, because mosquitoes become resistant to this spray, and they reproduce, and due to Darwin's theory, the survival of the fittest exists, and therefore the offspring have mutations that allow them to adapt to the environment.
---> Ort, which refers to leftover food, can actually be used for compost and serve as nutrients for the plants due to the abuse of fertilizer (!)
---> Industrialized countries leading to the ozone layer breakdown, and global warming.
Read these arrowed points carefully as you further strengthen your relationship with mother nature, she is overwhelmed and needs our help so desperately.


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