Thursday, July 29, 2010

2010 Latino Film Festival (ALL photos are taken by me)

          Today was my first visit at the Latino Film Festival in the Lower East Side
The movie I viewed was called American Dreams Deferred, a documentary by talented director William Caballero. As a graduating NYU student raised in Coney Island, he presents a exquisite tasteful movie turning his life story on with the recording silver button. An emotionally tense documentary representing his Puerto Rican-American family's location of North Carolina into Charlotte's Web of "breaking the cycle" of his family's unreached American Dreams. With a gracefully raw substance of William's determination, you remain allies through the cliff-hanging tale and hope he survives and conquers this cycle.
This here is a trailer of American Dreams Deferred.


  1. I LOOOVE yor style!!!

  2. It took me a few years to see this post, but I'm happy you enjoyed my film!
    ~W. Caballero