Friday, August 6, 2010

perhaps we're all forgetting about the salt march?

Vogue Italia 
Italian Vogue's oil-spilled themed photo shoot. Model Kristen McMenamy posses in oil drenched clothing. Comments range from "glamorizing the oil spill", to "being provocative". But in my opinion, the best art is provocative. For the vast fashion community to take responsibility for provoking BP publicly in a 24 page spread, invites a larger audience to educate themselves of what disaster is going on right now, instead of whats going right now on the runways.
Quite frankly if the Italian Vogue only wanted to "glamorize" this event, why would they have cascading oil pouring down and practically ruining designer pieces-no one has come up with that idea have they? 
Art is always a way to raise awareness, and so are the hundreds of protests that have been going on these past months but you're right, there's a limit to everything. 
Gandhi led the Salt March to boycott British goods and stop British Imperialism. His efforts remind us of civil disobedience. Due to this statement I am appalled when I see that BP gas stations are being destroyed by protesters. Does no one understand that the workers in the gas station can't do anything and are in fact innocent workers just trying to support their families. By destroying the station you put the company in even larger debt and the focus gets tossed not on the oil spill but on building the new gas stations and paying the workers who have lost their jobs. Speaking your mind is just that, speaking. You're entitled to your protests but there's no excuse behind destroying. This is why I love this photo shoot, because it's silent but controversial. 
Love it or hate it, you're still talking about it.

Vogue Italia

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