Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Down the yellow brick road Dorthy!

51st's city MADNESS. too crowded and too hot. way too many eyes at once. but there's a beautiful cure- air-conditioned, and quite enough to hear not only a pin dropping but some one's feet prancing against the cold bare tiles. MoMA, in other words I have a confession- I'M A MoMA-an (a homosapien attached to this particular museum.) Feet tumbling across the floor, my knowledge book in hand PAUSE, yes I have a knowledge book, in which I write about anything/anyone that I read or heard about that fascinates me: basically my learning device for my own curiosity that I can always refer to...I was searching for my new holy grail material to be inked into my learning device. I noticed besides the wonderful Henri Matisse exhibition going on this month, a new focused theme-feminism in art. I pondered about the fact that most of the works were done by women or women groups...

In my opinion there are two types of feminism. 1.) Women who believe that their place is in the home- taking care of their delicious chivalrous husbands, children, and their excellent cooking skills. They believe in these "roles": women as care takers and men as the protectors. Most of these women I believe could in a way agree with creationism and the role of Adam and Eve. 2.) The second type of feminists are woman who are trying to make it big with their careers and are independent while fighting for the same rights as men. These women don't agree with these traditional roles and argue against them. 
Those women are represented here in these photos and statistics as the Guerrilla Girls, and they're in your face, demanding your attention, and bringing out this passion for protesting against sexism through art. Disappointment appears when I see its the 21st century and there are battles for equality.

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