Tuesday, July 27, 2010

this is my second project that got exhibited in MoMA

"My flourished eye photography was created through my image of dramatic qualities, which the eyes can feature unlike any other human body part. 'Eyes are the window to the soul', and they offer a more vulnerable deep felt physicality rather than moving arms and legs. They tap into our senses and are the only representation of what the world looks like outside our brain's ideas. Eyes represent the real world and to appreciate your eyesight is appreciating the world you see."                                            

Special thanks to Mr. Duct tape, (he hates when you call him Duck tape), Mrs. Sharp Scissors, Mr. Nikon, & the 10 little munchkins you often forget, your fingers for ACTUALLY making it possible.         


  1. this is great. I love it. Your commentary, and your acknowledgement at the end is very clever.