Wednesday, June 23, 2010

whoa a rhino! dude its totally an elephant! can't you tell!?
tangling, colorful, eye catching, squeezable,flinging, countable, trade-able silly bandz are CONQUERING school hallways, and even universities! when did this trend land? and from where...
Robert Croak, a man that first promoted concerts in Toledo, turned into a kiddie loving crave monster, but it wasn't HIS idea.
nope. it was actually a trade show in CHINA.
About 3 years ago, Croak and the manager of the factory who produces the bandz, went to visit a trade show. Once Croak saw the bands, he thought that perhaps with the right equipment and technology if they were made thicker, they could be worn! Robert declared them to be "toys"

"The animal bands were hardly new.
The Japanese creators had been recognized with a national design award and had been selling them in America in a limited capacity since 2002.
The Museum of Modern Art Design Store & Japanese department store Takashimaya sold them prior to Robert's claim. New York magazine singled the animal bands out in October of that year, noting that they could be worn as bracelets.
But what Croak saw in China "wasn't Silly Bandz," he says. "We trademarked the name. We created them. We created the craze.""
the silly bandz face book pg has over 255,000 fans!
Silly bandz are far from getting extinct, although some schools have even banned them due to "dangerous flinging". Even Sarah Jessica Parker's kids have been stretching them.
A notorious story of the new fashion trend, is also a false verdict of its truth full creators.
and now a presentation of the new hit single : silly bandz (*LOVE*)

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