Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A POWERFUL long sentence > a long sentence

I’m an emotional creature, a hard worker who enjoys saving her money rather than spending it, a girl that believes in spirituality and being open minded instead of a religion, a girl with curiosity that didn’t kill the cat, a tourist of the New York City insane madness, a weekly card scratcher and Skype camerawoman, an actress that embodies the feminism behind the Vagina Monologues, with a pacifist United Nations kind of touch on humanity, a girl that races to the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea with her friends in the depths of Croatia’s core, a girl with a booming laugh, a vibrant smile, with enough positivity, energy, and enthusiasm to go around and uplift people’s days, a volunteer that volunteers for the good of human kind instead of community service credit, a microorganism for the higher power’s worldly problems, a girl with an overly long resume portraying the things she actually wanted to do instead of ‘needed to do’ for college requirements, a girl that whistles with the birds yet flies away from land dreamingly not physically, a girl that walks home bare feet in the rain, a girl who gets her adrenaline rush from reaching the sky with her rattling swing set, a comedic with sarcastic, witty jokes resembling Kathy Griffin swag with pickup lines that would make Napoleon Dynamite embarrassed from jealousy, a girl who got cavities from her sugar crave, a girl that pulls stickers off of St. Mark’s poles and plasters them on her planner and closet, a fashionista with a sprinkle of fairy dust that chooses thrift store treasures over mass produced clothing companies, a girl that has the emotional intelligence to take part in any conversation and talk to anybody, a humanist that sits with someone sitting alone at lunch, a girl that chooses to be high off of life rather than stupid chemicals, a girl that dances her insecurities away at concerts in the burning summer afternoons, an explorer that hangs a subway map that marks all the places she still has to visit, a girl that chooses to be unique and different over conformity.

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