Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Importance of Fashion...Its more then just "clothes"

Fashion is beautiful. It gives me the excitement I feel from finding a unique item at a thrift store. The eccentricity when it seems as if the dress I bought was personally designed for me. The adrenaline I got from learning to walk in heels, as I transfered from adolescence into womanhood.

Its the satisfaction of going to your first day of school picking an outfit that is the definition of your eye. The happiness you feel when someone remarks how amazing you're looking & the honor you feel when someone asks for fashion advice.
Fashion without hesitation has given me my confidence and expression to be the Nova that I am.

I scattered amongst the colored fabrics in my closet and I pondered some questions that I feel every fashion lover should ask themselves or ponder about.

Do you change your style around from rocker to boho or do you have a constant consistent chic vibe?

Does mode or eye effect fashion?
If you’re tired will you still wear what you were planning too, or will you have a lazy day?
Do you believe in lazy days- just cuddling up to the good ol’ hoodie and jeans day. Or do you believe every day you should be making a statement.
How do you make a first impression? Do you dress to impress or dress how you feel?
No one ever mentions how makeup effects an outfit.
What is your definition of style or a fashionista?
Confidence really affects the way an outfit looks.
Does it bother you how fashion week is a season ahead of time. Do you wish designers focused on the season we’re in?

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