Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Am An Emotional Creature by Nova

An emotional creature is a girl who isn't afraid to speak her mind.
She's loud and proud of her beliefs.
She's the girl that isn't afraid of feeling her feelings.
She's the energy that triggers this world with positivity.
She's the girl that's offering her opinions and responding back to the debates.
She's the girl that breaks stereotypes and cliches.
She's the girl that says no to sexism and male dominance.
She's the girl whose vibrancy attitude brightens any ones day.
She's the girl that's not scared of raising her hand.
She's the girl that's not intimidated by everyone starring.
She's the girl that takes pride in her booming laugh.
She's the girl that does everything full out.
She's the girl with self-confidence in a dull room.
She's the girl that loves the way the fabric grabs onto her curves.
She's the girl that will prove everyone wrong.
She's the girl that's unavoidable because her vitality doesn't let her stop dreaming of a better world.

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