Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Theatre's Alluring Mystery

       For myself personally art is a healing process, whether it be writing, painting or acting, I touch upon my personal narrative in the piece of work that I’m making, and my special Nova spark is put into it. Oscar Wilde said “A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament,” which I completely agree in. I believe that psychology taps into theater a lot and that is why I have an interest in learning that subject. Everything we do consciously or subconsciously was picked up at a certain time. We are all the products of our life story. Our life experiences have shaped us to do things differently because we have seen the world differently.
       The importance of theatre is putting this on stage and observing life stories. I think theatre teaches people to be more observant of the people around them, of life, and of objects. You could be walking down the same street each day but the way I see it, is you’ll always find something new you never noticed – even a crack in the ground. But this crack like all small things raises a bigger question. What happened to the ground? When did this occur? Why is it so shallow/deep? As an actor you raise the same questions for characters…Why does she act like that? How’d she get so shallow/deep. In life I’ve learned sadly you can observe people as objects and not get to know the real them. I believe in episodes like Glee, because I believe we are all the underdogs but we are scared to say that, risking our reputation.
       The thing I love about theatre is it shows you the underdogs face to face, it shows you society, it shows the wrongs and the goods, it shows what goes on behind closed doors as we follow the characters during the plot. I see theatre as almost watching the stage like a God. I see my people interacting, and what’s goes on for everybody when they’re alone, and I often feel like calling out “she loves you too, she’s just hiding it,” or “he lied because of a family circumstance.” I get to see the characters with and without their reputation which is powerful because it brings me back to seeing people in school- I only see that ‘school face.’ When all of us have so many layers that I want to uncover.
       Theatre shows you the vulnerability and the reputation. On my blog I write my thoughts and I would like to share two with you that would perfectly sum this up: “When someone calls someone weird I respond by saying "nope, they're just a product of their life. Therefore because of your "product" you're weird to them.' Moral of the story = we're all weird because all the events of our life add up and creates us as a unique product. In other words - declare your weirdness and defend all the products in the world because we all make up a huge supermarket.” The second one I wrote is: “Talk to everyone, because you will learn a life lesson from their life story. You'll realize the magic of opening a soul through a conversation. It's amazing how much everyone keeps bottled up - my purpose in life is to open those bottles and metaphorically show off the beautiful liquid that was stored inside for safe keeping.”

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