Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lenny Kravitz Concert

What can I say?! Lenny is the definition of a rock star! Appearing onstage with shades, the Kravitz mysteriousness broke through after he tuned his guitar! With a new spunky attitude and sound that still praises pacifist views, Lenny's voice preached.What a voice, what a band...everything was EXCEPTIONAL! Just picture the best rock concert, because that was his show. I still want to go to that night and dance all over again! At the end, he walked through the crowd singing his last song, and went to my mother stopped and danced with her!
Not only was the concert remarkable, but the fact that my mom (his #1 fan) had her moment with me when she meet his afterwards. Like mother like daughter. haha!
Go Mom! You rockstar you!

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