Saturday, May 22, 2010

This is my Artist's Wanted Competition Page!

ha! yeah i know supernova! yeah you guessed it - my nickname, along with nova scotia, novana, and OMMMGGG ITTSSS NOOOVVAAAA! (tehee)

"   Nova Bajamonti Woodside, NY

My name is Nova Bajamonti and I am 15 years old. As an attendant at Talent Unlimited High School as a Drama major, and an accepted student of MoMA: Performance and Conceptual Art/ Video and Animation- I'm surrounded by art. The visual reference of my photographs shows both vulnerability and vicious sin, Wrath as a vision- the intensity that is inside both of my character's surreal action appeals. Each persona of the human mind, exaggerates a type of settling dopamine. As my focus I complimented a specific nature most are afraid of showing, which is despair. A type of despair of which is basic - the shutter of utter confusion. Despair and vulnerability both specifically in my photography was taken to the ultimate dramatic characterization. My photography was neither acted nor faked. Instead it’s discreetly symbolic of the human race because no emotions were hidden. I wish everyone would look through my rigorous and dimensional eyes and see the type of euphoria each of us feels when we are told to let our feeling go, and release the tension. And out comes beauty. I am in love with all type of arts. It’s simply amazing how it by fact, its one of the best ways to explain any story in infinite ways. I AM AN ARTIST. I love to create. I love to learn. I love to imagine the impossible. The ironic value art brings to life is that the "impossible" is possible. And through my art I shed a story of the journey that exists in a human beings brain.  "

- direct source from website
&&& of course this is an "ARTIST'S WANTED POST"and the theme was self portraits...

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  1. I love your unique ideas! I can't wait to see more!