Saturday, May 29, 2010

Arrested for showing God's creation.

Erykah Badu- WINDOW SEAT
This wonderfully talented artist was arrested after getting naked while making this video.
think about this.
fashion is art that we wear.
but the human body is the gift we wear everyday and can't rip of.
she had every right to strip naked.
i feel why get arrested for showing God's creation.

perhaps we're all sinning, because when we wear clothes and makeup, we are hiding the
no, I'm not concluding that we should all be walking naked around right now-
I'm simply stating that those who feel comfortable with themselves should,
why should we be punished because of our skin? and who decided what parts of the body are appropriate to look at and which are not. the human race has lead to this sinning, you know why? because all of a sudden our body parts have just become objects to represent our sexuality. but no one stops to realize that our bodies represent the most beautiful thing in the world - the creation of a baby.
I give Erykah Badu and anyone else who is that open with themselves an applause. 
              because they represent complete body peace, humanism, and purity.


  1. "u cud be like a life writer
    i think u cud write books about life
    ur confidence is so inspirational"
    from suzie to nova with <3

  2. What God did you have in mind? Maybe Zeus, or Thor, Athena maybe? You need to be more specific :-)
    God is no answer for anything!

  3. I agree with you Nova. It doesn't have to do anything with God, if a person is comfortable a certain way let them be. A video called "Lesson Learned" by Matt and Kim and there was nothing done about that so why Erykah Badu?

  4. Yes, Lola! "God is no answer for anything!" God is answer for EVERYTHING!