Friday, June 14, 2013

Miguel Cover Photo Shoot for Paper Magazine: Summer 2013

On a foggy Tuesday, we headed out with 2 heavy luggage bags, and racks to Thomson Hotel's Penn Suite to help assist the cover shoot for Paper Magazine. There was no plain background for the photograph, but rather a beautiful view of the inspiring New York City as the back drop. We quickly took out all the clothes ranging from Marc Jacobs to Louis Vuitton and organized the rack by designer. 

The stylist with her beautiful curls and outgoing nature came in and greeted us, and was extremely warm. I felt right at home as we steamed the clothes and made multiple trips to the bathroom to refill the steamer's water filter. The star of the shoot, Miguel came in and cheerfully said 'hello everyone' and began trying on clothes. He then proceeded while we watched in awe of him commenting on each garment, to slowly look at us one by one and with a grin grab our hand and introduce himself. 'Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Miguel" showing off his pearly whites. Every time he glanced at us he smiled and had a positive energy around him that filled the room. He even told me how he thought my mint colored boots were 'sick and nice' and asked, "those are Doc. Martens right?!" 

I laughed and said "nope they're bootleg, but they look real huh?" and then I confidently commented, "fake it, til you make it", as he said back laughing, "that's right, that's right!"
While he went to step outside to take some more scenic photos we explored the breathtaking views of Manhattan, as I daydreamed about having a ceiling to floor view (although, til then, I'll enjoy just sitting on a fire escape, eating burritos and reading a book! ha!) and explored the huge Penn Suite equipped with a huge bathtub, cozy Queen size bed, and admired the strawberry looking chandeliers.

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  1. For Miss. Nova the sky is limit:) Congrats!